Who is this qualification for?

Health Care Assistants, Assistant Practitioners, Care Support Workers and those giving support to clinical roles in the NHS where there is any direct contact with patients The introduction of the Care Certificate will provide clear evidence to employers, patients and people who receive care and support that the health or social care worker in front of them has been trained and developed to a specific set of standards and has been assessed for the skills, knowledge and behaviours to ensure that they provide compassionate and high quality care and support.

How long will it take me to achieve this qualification?

To be awarded the Care Certificate the person must meet all of the outcomes and assessment requirements for all 15 standards.

How is the qualification assessed?

An Assessor will be responsible for making the decision on whether the HCSW/ASCW has met the Standard set out in the Care Certificate.

What next?

The Care Certificate is the start of the career journey for these staff groups and is only one element of the training and education that will make them ready to practice within their specific sector.